Screams in the river



My dangerous experience begins in the summer of 2012. I was in the river in Villadepalos with some of my friends when something horrible happened.

We were enjoying a relaxing summer afternoon when we heard some screams. We hurried to the bank of the river and we saw Héctor holding Sergio, who was bleeding. I was really scared. Héctor told us that he had thrown a stone which had hit Sergio’s head. We went to get a towel and we saw that it was a simple cut, but he said that his head hurt.

It was a shock I will never forget. I was very scared.

Andrea P.

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I’ll never forget this experience in Cabárcenos Zoo five years ago. It was very exciting and frightening.

On 20th July 2009 I went with my family to Cabárceno, a big and spectacular zoo in Cantabria, where we spent the day. First, we saw the elephants, giraffes, crocodiles. Then, at noon, we had lunch at the zoo restaurant and, finally, in the evening, we went to see the tigers, gorillas, bears… In one moment, I moved away from my family and sat on a bench watching the bears. Suddenly, I heard a person shouting and I turned round. One bear was coming towards me. I began to scream and run. The bear pulled me down because someone had shot a tranquiliser. I was safe!

It was a very frightening experience. However, I think a zoo is a beautiful place to visit.

Jenny M.

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A terrible mistake


A dangerous experience in my life happened when I was twelve years old and I was crossing the street. I was listening to music and I couldn’t hear anything. Besides, I didn’t look at both sides of the road either.For this reason, I made a terrible mistake and a car ran over me.

In that moment, I was really frightened because for a second I could only hear the noise in the street. But a few minutes later I could see and a man tried to help me when I stood up on the road.

In conclusion, luckily, I could survive without any scratches and this story is just an experience and nothing else.

Víctor M.O.

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Parachuting: a dangerous experience?


Last Summer I went on holidays to Toledo. There, I went with my uncle and one of my cousins to a place where we could do parachuting with an instructor.

The activity started at six p.m. with one instructor explaining each of us how the activity was going to be.

Before getting on board I was very nervous and frightened, but when the plane took off I thought: “I have to jump”. When the instructor shouted we jumped and then, everything was amazing. You could see everything under you and you feel as if you were flying.

Suddenly, the instructor opens the parachute and you descend slowly thinking about repeating it.

Adrián R.

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This summer I went to visit Mónaco with my father and his girlfriend. We were there only one day and we didn’t see much, but what we saw was awesome: expensive cars, tall buildings, bank offices that look like houses, hotels for rich people, lovely cafés..but what caught my attention most was the beach. All the beach was full of beautiful and expensive yachts.

The only thing I didn’t like was the train beacuse I got lost. There were no signal to tell me where I was. But still, I love Mónaco.

Patricia S.

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Organised tours



Most of the people decide to have an organised tour when they go to another country because it has a really good advantage: you can learn about the culture of this country through a professional. But also, it  has a disadvantage, that is that you have to learn about everything, and some of these things can be really boring.

When I visit a different country I want to learn about things that are interesting to me, such as typical music, food, or things like these. With organised tours it can happen that you visit the most interesting city in the world and you get bored.

So, in my opinion, when you want to visit a city, do it on your own.

Aitor Y.

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El mirador del Caribe


My favourite restaurant is “El mirador del Caribe”. It’s an old restaurant next to the beach in Laxe, A Coruña. . I love it because it has beautiful views to the beach. They have a lot of pictures of boats and the sea. There are also many shells on the wall.

The food is delicious and natural. It has many types of food: fish, meat, salad, pasta…People like it because you can always order your favourite food.

You must go to “El mirador del Caribe”. It is the best restaurant!

María R.

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